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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 30, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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hope to see you right here next week. ferguson protesters unfazed by officer darren wilson's resignation. welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm heather childers. the mayor of ferguson saying wilson will not receive a reverence package. saying the 28-year-old resigned because he wanted to protect his fellow officers. this hours after two people were arrested in a protest outside the ferguson police department. steve is live for us in ferguson. steve, are the protests still going on?
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>> there's usually a small group of protesters out every night. the numbers have declined dramatically since monday. while they did set an american flag on fire, no real violence last night. just two arrested. much of what we're seeing now is the rebuilding, reconstruction of some of the stores that were looted. got an art teacher and some people there, they're going to put a painting on that boarded up store window. that's what we're seeing a lot of now downtown. >> what has been the reaction among locals to all of this destruction, all of these local businesses? >> there's really a sense of sadness when weem "people" come out and see this. over and over, they are condemning that's happened here. >> you come home to the only thing you feel is yours and you can't come to it. it's a strange feeling. strange feeling to come to your
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neighborhood and you can't even especially enter in. >> they had nothing to do with the verdict. >> can understand the frustration, but to burn down businesses that people have worked to open up, it's ridiculous. >> it's really decision time now for a lot of business owners here after getting hit with violence for two times in the last four months, whether they're going to rebuild or move on. heather, back to you. >> our hearts go out to all those business owners. and as steve mentioned, new images out of ferguson sending positive messages of peace. you can see artists painting murals and signs on plywood pregna protecting several businesses. one saying he hopes the artwork along with prayer and understanding will help to heal the city's wounds. an american couple in qatar
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cleared on the death of their daughter. the american father speaking to america's news headquarters today details what happened after a qatari quarter allowed them to return home until the government seized their passport, b saying this will appeal the ruling. >> a very unexpected and then agonizing outcome for matt and grace, from here in los angeles. they were jubilant after the judge discredited all the charges against them. they had been held in jail and then on limited release for killing their 8-year-old african born daughter, who they say died of an eating disorder. but when they got to the airport this morning, officials stopped them from flying out. >> we do not know why we are not allowed to leave. we don't understand why the u.s. embassy, the state department
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cannot get our government allow us to leave the country and that we remain stuck here. we are requesting for president obama to step in and call the amir to clear us of the situation. >> in a statement to the media in the past few minutes, john kerr ki says this, quote, i spoke with qatari foreign minister attiya today and called on the government to implement the decision and -- to the united states. the problem appears to stem from an awkward culture issue. it did believe that a couple of asian orgin would want to adopt an african special needs child like gloria and after she died there, they arrested the pair for murder and also suspecting they were human traffickers, not loving parents, but complicating this more is that a country like qatar, like many mideastern countries, have a culture where public officials do not like the admit they are wrong and their
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release could have caused embarrassment for someone senior, it appears. >> news had obviously traveled quickly for some authority at the airport to stop them, so, it doesn't make sense it's coordinated from higher up. something is happening behind the scenes to make sure that mat hat and grace are not allowed to leave the country despite the found innocent this morning. >> heather, we know that state department officials are actually at the airport right now trying to work something out with the authorities there. we will bring you developments as soon as we have them. >> live for us, thank you. a father and stepmother in georgia are now facing some serious charges after being accused of locking up their son for years. police say that the 13-year-old was last seen four years ago visiting his father, who refused to let him return home. the boy was found yesterday.
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he was hidden behind a false wall in this home after his mom reported she got a call from her son. now, the two were finally reunited yesterday, the boy's father and stepmother now charged with false imprzenment and cruelty to children. to chicago now. a woman shot by her ex-boyfriend on friday has died. she was working at a cosmetics counter at this nordstrom's store in chicago when the incident happened. the gunman reportedly exchanging words with her before opening fire. he then shot and killed himself. no one else was injured. overseas now, u.s.-led forces now launch iing a new wa of air strikes against isis us is. this according to human rights activists in syria. they say the coalition is now turning its attention to the city of ra krrca, seen as the ct will tall of the so-called islamic state. meantime, hundreds of protesters
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amid claims that turkey allowed isis to launch an attack on the syrian town of kobani from inside its own country. connor? >> kobani has been a testing ground between air strikes and antiisis fighters on the ground and kurdish fighters say it is starting to show real positive results. they say they now control about 80% of the city and are pushing isis out and will still have, will soon have the city liberated. u.s. and international air strikes seem to be having an impact, but still, isis maintains control over a large part of territory both in iraq and in syria, but they did aid peer to be sort of pushed back. they're no longer on the march, but kurdish fighters say isis insurgents are getting help from an unlikely source. a militant group reportedly
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group launching a suicide attack. a u.s. ally, nato member, the syrian president, al assad and is accused of supporting isis which denies, but there's a lot of -- isis now. and so there's a lot of long standing. not happelping the kurds, but t want to see turkey step up their attacks and prevent isis not only from operating along the border, but prevent joining. >> live for us, thank you. meanwhile, on the same suggest, pope francis and the president of turkey apparently still worlds apart after the
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pontiff's visit to the muslim nation. the trip saw pope francis repeatingly condemning what he called the pfanaticism of isis, quote, unjust aggress sor that needs to be stopped. also called for a -- quote western islamphobia. republicans on capitol hill blasting the president on his immigration order, but will they do anything to address the issue before they lame duck session ends? a look at what could happen next.
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welcome back. a new report revealing president obama pushed his legal authority to its fullest extent while
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crafting his executive action on immigration. now, the move angering many republicans on capitol hill, but will they tackle immigration reform in the last two weeks of the lame duck session and if so, what could their bill look like? joining us now is terry jeffrey, editor in chief of cns news. >> thanks for having me. >> we know that a couple of things are lined up for next week. december 2nd, the house judiciary committee, they've announced they're holding hearing on the president's power grab an then on wednesday, the house homeland security committee will meet to talk about what they can do, so, what do you think is going to come out of these meetings? >> well, i think the truth is that the president did exceed his constitutional authority and the congress is going to decide that. i think they know that. the question is whether they use their own constitutional authority to counter him, the
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one authority they have, article 1, section 9 is the power of the -- the president cannot spend any money on the treasury unless approved by appropriation on the law. december 11th, the currency of the government expires. i do not think the cr they pass in the lame duck will probt obama from doing his immigration policy. the question is whether they pass a long-term cr that runs through the end of the year on september 30th and surrender to the president where they pass a short-term cr where they'll have a majority in both houses and then take him on then. >> what if they decide to do this long-term cr, they don't include the funding for the executive action and programs the president puts in place and then it goes before the president and he doesn't sign it, then who gets the blame? i mean, then the republicans look like the bad guys. >> well, first of all, i do not think that's what they're going to do in the lame duck session, but if they do, the establishment media clearly will blame the republicans.
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now, if the republican leadership has the wit about them to do it, they'll go out and have a national debate with the president about whether or not this was a legitimate use of his power and whether or not it was the right thing for him to do to shut down the government and legalize illegal aliens, but a much smarter policy was the one that ted cruz and jeff sessions and other conservatives in the senate have been talking about. pass a bill to keep the government funded to the early part of january. come back, do independent bills, agriculture, other parts of government that have no enforcement authority over immigration, so, when you do the department of homeland security bill, put language in there that probts the president from moouing through with his policy, theb the president's choice would be shut down dhs in order to carry out enforcement of the law or else concede. that would be question. >> i wanted to bring this up. it happened in president obama's hometown of chicago. and he was being heckled by
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someone in the crowd and this is what president obama had to say. >> but even -- all right. okay. all right. that's fine. you made your point. >> all right, well, in that, he says, you know, why are you heckling me, i just took an action to change the law. so, is that telling? did he slip up? >> that's an amazing slip by the president. it was a moment of candor. he did take unlatry action to change the law. people can disagree about whether or not we have a legalized illegal aliens in the united states. but there's a much bigger question. whether the president of the united states can unilaterally
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change the law. this president has done it in numerous circumstances. this is the most bold, direct and outrageous and if the congress doesn't insert its authority, which is the authority over legislation, then we will essentially be transferring to the executive, unilateral power that the framers of the constitution never expected. this is a vital moment in the history of our republic. congress needs to assert to check the president. >> but it's very dicey for republicans because the hispanic vote and population counts tremendously and it is growing every day. thank you so much for joining us. we have to wrap it up there. thank you. still to come, the supreme court taking up a controversial case involving freedom of speech on social media, plus, americans saving money at the pump this holiday season, but what does it mean for the economy and why are we still paying so much for airline tickets. could protect you from cancer?
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the case involves a man who posted violent rap lyrics on his facebook page aimed at his wife after she left him. the court will determine if death threat on fk are liable for prosecution or protected by rights to free speech. travel season in full swing for the holidays. and for the first time in years, oil prices are at record levels. so far, this year, oil has dropped 7% to just $68 a barrel,
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which was the biggest one-day drop in three and a half years and lucky for us, oil is now cheaper than any time since 2010 and now, some are saying the prices could reach $2 a gallon or less and joining us now is brendan buttner, our senior business correspondent. >> oil has come down 30% since june and on friday, we saw a 10% drop. that's huge for travelers. basically, since the summer, it has translated into lower gas prices. the average person has $520 more in their pocket. just in a few months., it's exp that we could save $8 billion. if gas prices continue on this sustainedevel. the economy could see more than $108 billion added.
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so that's quite, you know, you always talk about sticker shock. >> yeah. >> sticker smile. >> yeah, that sounds good. i mean, because more money in your pocket means more money to go out and spend and buy gifts this time of season. >> in time for christmas. and we know this is the most important time for retailers. 30% of their profits are made during this, the holiday shopping season. that's good news. >> where are some of the lowest gas prices being seen? >> we're seeing the lowest gas prices in louisiana, texas, oklahoma, and we are expecting that those prices could go below $2 a gallon in the next few weeks. and the reason for that is they're near refineries and also have low gas taxes. that makes them a little bit, you know, a little bit cheaper. >> okay. well, i worked over the thanksgiving holiday, which means i get to go home for christmas! >> yay. >> but i can't drive, i have to buy an airline ticket. and airline tickets are so high,
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wlow. what's going on in terms of the oil? >> well, it always seems like they go up but don't come down. and the truth is that airlines are saving a tremendous amount. fuel prices alone comprise 30% of their operating expenses. so with this kind of drop in l oil, and it looks like it could continue to drop, they're really making a better profit margin. now, a couple of things. they have lost money for years and years and years. so finally, they're making up some of that. and who is -- who is benefitting? not necessarily the traveler because there's still a lot of demand and the planes are packed. but investors are seeing some good things. american airlines for the first time in years offered a dividend. so, you know, that's one good thing. >> yeah. >> and they're also reinvesting. they're buying the airline industry is on the biggest jet buying splurge, basically, in years.
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that's good for us, too, it's newer planes. >> right. buy more planes and quit packing more seats into the plane. that's crazy. >> it's true. >> part of the reason there's so much demand is they've cut so many flights. and that's a, you know, cause of consolidation on all the rest. >> while all of this is good news for the consumer, also for the oil industry, there's another part that's not necessarily good news. and that is the shale industry. >> yeah. >> and they may not be able to survive this. >> well, i think they're going to survive. i mean, part of the reason why oil is coming down because we have a glut of oil now. and that's because of fracking and natural gas. what's going to happen is the natural gas prices are going to come down. >> and right now they're not. >> but nothing is going to stop, i think, the fracking industry. and it is giving us more energy independence, which is a great plus for our national security and our economy. >> all right. so how long will this trend continue? >> well, it's hard to tell, but
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there are a lot of people who see oil prices going down below $60 a barrel. we haven't seen that in years and years and years. and that does translate, it's not immediate, but it does translate into lower gas prices. >> okay. well, that means everybody can get out and buy some christmas gifts. >> yes, exactly. >> all right. thank you so much. we appreciate it. and as always, you can catch brenda on bulls and bears every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. thank you. well, that is it for us. a healthy you and carol alt is up next. i'll see you back here for "the fox report" later tonight, 7:00 p.m. bye. you know your dentures can move. unlike natural teeth. try new fixodent plus truefeel.
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